JB Ranch Kansas RAW Honey

We are thrilled to expand JB Ranch into the sweet land of honey.  Starting with just three hives five years ago, we have increased exponentially.  Today we offer RAW, unfiltered, natural, Kansan, delicious honey in different colors, flavors, creamed and honey comb.  Having trouble with allergies?  Want a tasty snack before bed that won’t throw on the pounds?  Want to avoid adding pounds of white sugar to everything you feed your family? TRY OUR HONEY!  Our honey isn’t the cheapest or most expensive locally, but the best price we can bring to you producing it correctly and humanely.  Check the available tab on this site for available honey and a price list.  Also, look for our honey coming to 6 stores in Wichita soon.

Augusta, Kansas Angus Beef

“Natural Grass fed Beef Products for the Entire Family”

Here  at JB Ranch, our goal is to provide your family with the best local grass fed beef around.  Our family has enjoyed this privilege and now we want to share it with others.  We have noticed that Kansas has many grass fed and/or cheap beef producers, but they were either not 100% grass fed, imported from outside of Kansas as calves or huge free range herds on little ground.  What makes us unique is that we are Wichita local operation that is 100% grass fed, who’s animals are from Eldorado or Augusta, and maintain a ratio of at least 14 acres per animal.

Our animals live in open fields their entire lives, without ever seeing a feedlot! We only raise the best steers because we only carry the best beef.

The techniques we use, such as keeping our steers on their mother’s milk for 5+ months, allow us to build our steers’ immune systems naturally.  They reach full size without synthetic hormones, steroids or antibiotics drinking spring water and living under low stress.


Our products are Gluten Free, No MSG, No Nitrates, No Antibiotics, No Steroids and of course, 100% Grass Fed.

Give us a try…..  You’ll be happy, your family and friends will be happy!

 We Welcome You to Julie’s Grass Fed Beef from the JB Ranch!